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Accent Landscape Contractors Inc. was incorporated in Texas in 1979. Accent engages in commercial landscaping, irrigation construction work, and maintenance services. As certified Irrigation Specialists and Qualified Commercial Landscape Developers, the Company specializes in large-scale, commercial-grade projects for private, public, and local/state/federal government clients, with a current client base of 70+ active accounts. Accent has a workforce of approximately 120 full-time workers, the majority of whom are lower-income hourly-wage Latino workers. Senior financing was provided by Woodforest National Bank.




Operating since 1985, Apex Plumbing Co. is one of the largest providers of residential, commercial, and municipal sewer and water line repair and replacement in the Denver Metro Area. Known as "the underground guys," they have successfully completed tens of thousands of sewer repairs and water line replacements. Apex also performs emergency repair and underground infrastructure rehabilitation for cities and districts and provides excavation services and turn-key surface restoration solutions for concrete, asphalt, and landscaping. Apex currently has a workforce of approximately 50 people, about 50% of whom are Latino. Senior financing was provided by UMB Bank.


Investment Criteria

A&H is searching for great companies that have at least $2 million in adjusted EBITDA, 40 full time employees or more, a history of profitable operations, and significant workforces of color. If you want to establish your legacy and be paid a fair price for your business, please contact us!

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