• Receive fair and certain value for their equity 

  • Benefit from company growth post-sale

  • Leave a legacy of stability and security for their employees and community

  • Obtain tax advantages only available to EBO sellers

  • Accumulate assets & build balance sheets 

  • Obtain "owner mindset" with greater productivity, growth, and job satisfaction 

  • Decrease employee turnover

  • Obtain federal & state tax advantages only available to Employee Owned firms

  • Achieve competitive risk-adjusted returns

  • Access unique deal flow

  • Catalyze Impact investments that enhance communities and reduce inequality

  • Utilize proven investment structures

"I hope the day may come when these great business organizations will truly belong to the men who are giving their lives and their efforts to them...then an idle machine will mean to every man in the plant who sees it an unproductive charge against himself.  Then every piece of material not in motion will mean an unproductive charge against himself..."

                                  -Owen D. Young, CEO General Electric, 1908


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