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Activating impact capital to secure business legacies, stabilize communities, and build wealth for workers of color.



Capital for Founder Legacy and Worker Dignity


By combining the speed and scale of Private Equity with the preservation and wealth creation power of Employee Ownership, specifically a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)  -- Apis & Heritage Capital Partners (A&H) is attacking the Racial Wealth Gap and helping to restore dignity and status to the American Worker.

The A&H Employee-led Buyout (ELBO©) approach provides:

  • Investors with timely exits, competitive returns, and clear and measurable impact

  • Founders with capital to support ownership transitions that preserve their legacies and meet their retirement needs

  • Workers of Color in essential industries with the most powerful wealth building tool in our nation - equity in a thriving business

  • Companies with the incentives and support to grow and the capital needed to build balance sheets for long-term resilience

  • Communities with stable jobs and business continuity

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Employee ownership creates measurable, proven impact on businesses and workforces.

It is a critical tool in fighting inequality.

  • Company revenue, headcount, and productivity increase more than 2 percent faster per year after implementing an ESOP

  • Worker cooperatives across all industries have an average profit margin that is almost 8.5% higher than the average private firm

  • 100% ESOP Owned companies do not pay Federal and oftentimes State taxes, increasing cash flow 

  • Millennial workers at enterprises with ESOPs have 33% higher median wages when compared to workers like them at similar companies with traditional ownership structures

  • Low/moderate-income workers—especially single women—say ESOPs give them a sense of economic security and enables them to think about retirement for the first time.

  • Low/moderate-income workers in an ESOP have account values ranging from $15,000 to $6 million, with a median value of $165,000. By contrast, the typical American household has just $17,000 in savings.

  • Low/moderate-income workers in an ESOP closest to retirement (ages 60 to 64) have 10 times more wealth than the typical American in that age group.




  • Identify small and medium sized companies with $1-3M of EBITDA and 40+ employees, of which at least 33% are minorities or immigrants in "Real Economy" industries - building maintenance services, mechanical trades, warehousing & wholesaling, construction & related, home healthcare, food processing.

  • Transition companies from founder-owned to employee-owned by leveraging an ESOPerative model that professionalizes governance, eliminates tax burdens and redeploys cash for growth and worker wealth accrual.

  • Partner with management & workforce to create a company culture of efficiency, resiliency and democracy that creates REAL employee-owned businesses that outperform their peers, are more resilient and are more rooted in their communities.


A&H Capital Partners is supported by leading Employee-Ownership focused institutions

The Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI) is a national organization dedicated to worker cooperative development, especially in economically and socially marginalized communities. DAWI works with A&H portfolio companies to instill the management tools and employee skills needed for employees to shift into owner/operators. 


Visit DAWI to Learn More 




Todd Leverette has dedicated his life to bringing to utilizing the tools & best practices of big business to mid-market & small businesses and to individuals. After having worked in finance for a major Wall Street Bank and working in residential Real Estate, Todd began a career as an independent business consultant focused on providing value-added financial and operational engineering for SMEs in Detroit, MI.

Todd currently maintains a small base of SME clients and also serves as a Program Manager with the Democracy at Work Institute's Legacy Business Initiative, which strives to utilize Employee Ownership as a means to preserve and build wealth in minority communities.

Todd received his JD & his MBA from Columbia University in New York City and is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Morehouse College.


Philip Reeves is a proven leader in small business development and funding. Philip has more than ten years of experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors focused on successfully advising senior executives on how to identify and implement actions needed to achieve their business goals.

Philip is the founder and principal of an investment and business advisory firm that works with global alternative investors. He  also partners with 1863 Ventures where he leads an industry-agnostic program focused on scaling businesses through operational improvements, sustainable sales processes, human capital best practices and financial management.
Philip’s background includes serving as the Manager of Small Business Technology and Innovation for the Government of the District of Columbia and working in corporate development for a growing government contractor where he was responsible for mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships and business development. Philip began his career on Wall Street in private equity at Lehman Brothers.
Philip is the former President (Curator) of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shaper's Washington, DC Hub. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Morehouse College.


Michael brings 22 years of investment fund management, process and expertise to A&H Partners. A co-conceiver with Walt Mayo of Middle Bridge Capital, a private equity firm focused on employee ownership. Michael and Walt have thrown the weight of their experience and connections behind Philip and Todd, to help them build the pre-eminent investment firm for employee ownership in the USA. The American Dream only works for one if it works for every one. Michael’s commitment to public service is deep; in addition to co-founding Total Impact Capital, a pioneer impact investment bank in Washington DC, he is a 10 year city councilman and twice mayor of the City of Burlingame, CA. He is an angel investor and board advisor for ConsejoSano.com, a leading provider of health services to the underserved, and a long time board member at the Foundation for College Education, helping kids of color aspire to and obtain degrees from four year college programs.

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Natalie K. Edwards was most recently a Managing Director at Citigroup Inc. and the Head of the Corporate M&A Legal team. As the Head of Corporate M&A Legal, Natalie managed global strategic proprietary M&A for the Global Consumer Bank and the Institutional Clients Group and worked closely with Citi's functional groups (HR, tax, accounting policy, compliance, intellectual property, etc.) that supported those business units.

She has over 20 years’ experience advising major corporations and businesses on complex acquisitions, disposals, joint ventures and strategic alliances. Natalie, prior to her role at Citi, was a senior M&A lawyer at Linklaters LLP in its offices in New York and London and counsel in its office in Shanghai. She started her career at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, which included a rotation in its London office.

She is an A Better Chance scholar that attended the Dana Hall School in Wellesley, Massachusetts. She is also a graduate of Columbia College and Columbia Law School.

Natalie is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Lilac Preservation Project (America's only surviving steam-powered lighthouse tender) and a member of the Board of Friends of the Double Discovery Center (which works with low-income, first-generation college bound youth in NY).


Jason is an international businses executive with 20 years of experience as an award-winning Strategy & Risk Consultant, Multinational Corporate Manager, Private Equity & Investment Strategist, Global Development & ESG Analyst. 

As a Principal & Global Managing Director for Asialantic, Jason leads global efforts involving business, investment, risk, and industry analysis & consulting, value strategy for private equity portfolio firms, investment origination, and the development of global investment theses, strategy advisory, and operational planning for clients across various industries & regions. He also leads the firm’s risk management advisory, impact advisory, and research efforts. 


Jason has previously held executive, managerial, and analyst roles within Sumitomo Corporation, the World Bank, Deloitte, Booz Allen Hamilton, the US Government (in roles focused on the Asia-Pacific, Political Economy, Country Analysis, and Global Trade & Security), and international startup firms focused on global trade, finance, research, and consulting.


Jason brings cross-functional, global analytical, advisory, and managerial experience, knowledge, and contacts from work with multiple industries, banks, governments, Fortune 500 companies, multilateral organizations, private equity firms, impact funds, startups, and NGOs involving North America, East Asia, Latin America, Africa, Western Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East. 


Melissa L. Bradley is a co-founder of venture backed Ureeka, a community where small businesses gain unprecedented access to the expertise needed to grow their business. She is also founder and Managing Partner of 1863 Ventures, a business development program that accelerates New Majority entrepreneurs from high potential to high growth. In this role she created a community of over 10,000 New Majority entrepreneurs in three years. Melissa also serves an advisor the New Voices Foundation and New Voices Fund, as well as the Halcyon Fund. Melissa is the former Co-Chair, National Advisory Council for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and was recently named one of The Most Entrepreneurial Women Investors in 2018.

Melissa is a professor at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University where she teaches impact investing, social entrepreneurship, P2P economies and innovation. She is also a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Sidecar Social Finance, a social impact agency that provides impact investing advisory and capital services to individuals, institutions, and social enterprises.


Walt Mayo is the Chief Executive Officer of Expert System, a leader in Artificial Intelligence applied to text with more than 20 years of experience in Natural Language Understanding. Prior to joining Expert System, Walt led the growth of Endeavor, an impact capital organization focused on scale-up businesses, more than tripling its global market reach and developing major new sources of revenue.  Endeavor’s global network includes investors and entrepreneurs in more than 30 countries around the world and in virtually every business sector.


He previously worked at Dell across a range of sales, marketing, software, and channel management roles and in accelerating the company’s international growth as General Manager for Southern Europe, Australia, Japan and Asia. He began his career after graduating from Harvard University as a Foreign Service Office and served in US diplomatic missions, the White House and the US Congress. He has an MBA from the University of Virginia and lives in the Boston area.


The beehive is one of the most productive, efficient and egalitarian workplaces in the world. Apis is the Latin word for bees. Heritage is a reference to the legacy that we intend to preserve for founders, workers, their communities and the next generation.


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