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"Own Your Job" Job Board


The “Own Your Job” Job Board is an aggregated listing of open positions at employee-owned firms, with the goal of empowering job seekers to work at firms where they will have an ownership stake. The “Own Your Job” Job Board currently has more than 700 jobs from 95 employee-owned firms across 45 states and highlights jobs that align with A&H’s core mission of closing the racial wealth gap and empowering essential workers through employee ownership.

While employee-owned businesses can be great places to work, finding jobs at these firms can be challenging as there is no centralized repository. A&H is addressing this issue with the “Own Your Job” Job Board. The “Own Your Job” Job Board was developed by analyzing more than 100 firms around the country that have some form of employee ownership, including many businesses that are 100% owned by their employees. 

How to Use the "Own Your Job" Job Board

Apis & Heritage Capital Partners (A&H) has compiled the job data presented through employee-ownership listings and reviewing the job boards of each firm that met our criteria. The goal of the tool is to provide job seekers with a way to identify potential employers and jobs. Ultimately, we encourage job seekers to visit the direct links provided to each businesses’ career page to view more detailed job descriptions and get the most up to date listings.

To identify jobs, use the “Filter” tool at the top of the database to select your state, review the jobs that are listed, and then select a job to get directed to the firm’s dedicated career page. Please see the image below for more detail.









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Get Your Job Added

A&H plans to continue to update the job board periodically and invites employee-owned firms who are not on the current job board to submit their information to A&H so that we can continue to highlight quality, employee-owned jobs.

About Apis & Heritage Capital Partners

Apis & Heritage Capital Partners (A&H) preserves legacies for founders, delivers impact and returns for investors, and builds wealth for workers of color using employee ownership. By deploying impact capital that enables closely held businesses to transition to employee-owned; A&H is reimagining the standard private investment model to close the racial wealth gap and empower essential workers. A&H is incubated by the Democracy at Work Institute, a national 501(c)(3) focused on employee ownership as a racial and social equity tool.

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